Work Spaces for Innovative Companies / Antoine Guiraud

Work Spaces for Innovative Companies

Nominated to win 2A Europe Architecture Awards (2ACAA 2019)
Location: France

Architects: Antoine Guiraud

Area: 1799

Year: 2016

Photographs: Vincent Monthiers

Manufacturers: Technal, Laminated glued douglas, Technal and Schüco

Landscaping: Trouillot & Hermel


Located on the Landes de Juzan campus in Anglet, the Activity Generator proposed by the Côte-Basque-Adour Agglomeration is a place where innovative young companies can be found, encouraging interdisciplinary cross-fertilization between academic research and industrial knowledge.

This business hotel is set in an urban wasteland, open on a wood and a protected estey in the heart of the Basque coast Adour. The building is a reflection of the dialogue between this landscaped site and the program.

To answer the environmental challenges of the program: dual certification and the BEPOS objective, the idea is to make architecture the vector of these performances, playing with the assets of the context and appealing to the common sense of the users.

Creating an interior landscape built in echo to the natural landscape, the building is manifested in its implementation by making perceptible the structural forces, the innervating networks and the envelope of the building as architectural elements in full participating in the Identity of the place. The atmospheres are qualified by precise assemblages of raw and durable materials such as concrete, wood and metal, providing a sensitive touch at the spaces.

The architecture of the generator is revealed with subtlety in order to create, at the heart of the effervescence of the agglomeration, a privileged environment, calm and conducive to work, a way to inhabit this place. The limits between the exterior and the interior are intentionally blurred in order to benefit from the vitality of the environment, with the concern to integrate in the heart of the building the presence of natural light and its variations.


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