VTB Arena-Dynamo Central Stadium

Sports and entertainment complex, Moscow

Location: Leningradsky Prospket 36, Moscow, Russia

Client: CJSC Management Company Dynamo

Total area: 206.210 sqm

total capacity of football stadium: 26.319

total capacity of multifunctional area: 11.488 (hockey),

12.770 (basketball),

11.869 (concert events)

construction: 2015-2017

Authors: David Manica (Manica Architecture), Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov,

Nikolay Gordyushin (SPEECH)

Chief architect SPEECH:
Dmitry Gureev

Chief engineer SPEECH:
Igor Osokin

Team SPEECH: Georgii Glebov, Sergei Gromov, Elena Medvedeva, Ekaterina Chernikh

Visualization: Manica Architecture, SPEECH

In 2010 the reconstruction project for the Dynamo stadium was the subject of an international architecture competition. The winning concept was by Erick van Egeraat and a team from Mikhail Posokhin’s Mosproekt-2 Institute. Subsequently, the concept was further refined by David Manica of the American architecture firm Manica Architecture; SPEECH became the general designer, taking responsibility for production of detailed design documentation.

The reconstruction project envisions building a superstructure over the old perimeter of the restored historical façades in the form of a sleek, intricate volume which is to house the main football arena and small arena. The main football field at Dynamo will be open-air as before and will have a playing surface of natural grass, while the small arena, which will be used for a variety of sporting and concert events, will be covered by a roof. The lower level within the stadium’s old walls will house a shopping and entertainments complex and will be treated as a passageway for pedestrians moving along the east-west axis. According to the project’s authors, this will guarantee high attendance at the complex not only on days when there are football matches, but also at any time of year. On the sixth level there will be a panoramic restaurant with views of the covered arena and the natural-turf football stadium.

The complex’s membrane will be installed on a special cable-stayed structure built independently of the stadium’s historical walls. Executed in polycarbonate and with a parabolic curvature, this promises to be an impressive addition to the view of Leningradsky prospekt. The facing panels are diamond-shaped – a design solution which not only develops the theme of the famous Dynamo logo, but also figuratively emphasizes the continuity of the new volume. LED strips will be built into the shell, enabling the dome to be used at night as a media façade. The modern look of the reconstructed stadium will be accentuated by a gigantic screen located on the west façade overlooking Leningradsky prospekt in order to inform fans of the course of each match.

Surrounding the complex, and naturally complementing it, there will be a nearly 8-hectare park containing the Dynamo Sports Academy athletics and training complex, together with outdoors sports grounds and recreational areas.

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