Strzegom, City of Natural Art

Ahmad Zohadi


Editor in Chief of 2A Magazine – Head of Organizing Committee of 2A Architectural Awards

Strzegom is an old and sustainable town in south – western Poland.
Based on my personal experience of visiting Strzegom: Having met in Art strezegom 2019, The stone handworks in the city that were reintroduced to the local and international community through the synergy of nature and design. The environmental and creational resources that are used in various parts of the city is clearly felt and appearant.The enhancement of the perfect spaces – areas of art in the works. The city and creation of stone sculpture reflects a signature
of natural Art.
There are roots of authenticity in people’s attitude and obviously the wave of friendship, love, happiness can be clearly observed.
Inhabitants are aware that they are living in the cultural and historical places and a sustainable modern city, hence, they try to preserve and take care of the roots of their identity and protect nature, specially in the part of the landscape, with the focus of respecting its traditional identity. The city has modern and traditional places which both work together very closely.

Different types of the stones which are the significant production of the city and used as the major material in architecture and urban design. Studying strzegom, some highlights could be shown the importance of using natural materials in the cities. They give to inhabitant protection and comfort and ideally
it does all of this in a. totally beneficial way.
The city’s feeling is totally a reflection of natural way of living and communication in society.



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