Shahabuddin Foundation School Complex/Majid Lutfullahil

Team Members: Md.Jubair Hasan , Nabi Newaz Khan , Tahlil Bin Reza., Mehenaz Chowdhury., Kafil Saddam Hossain.

Chandpur, Bangladesh


The main focus was to design a school for community children of village which will make them feel homely and inspire them in learning. Keeping this in mind, a joyful and vibrant school is designed by playful organization of outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor spaces. This reflects the space organization of traditional homesteads of Bangladesh. This traditional formal expression and space organization help children to develop a sense of belonging with it.
Being inspired from traditional rural homestead, all elements are picked up from it rather than inventing new ones. Village kids are familiar with one storied Do-chala homesteads with central courtyard (uthan).Respecting the space organization, a courtyard was designed at the center of the building. Semi- outdoor class room, office room and service spaces are arranged in ground floor. So, classrooms are placed in first floor and a welcoming straight flight stair connects it with ground. First floor was conceptualized as an elevated ground floor.
To achieve the earth-like scheme of traditional homestead, a customized plaster is used as wall finish. Cement and pigment were used to make the wall finish and later on a layer of adhesive is applied over it for weather protection.
Vibrant colors are introduced on the facades. These colors are interpreted from green shades of our landscape .Perforated screen of framed walls are inspired from traditional bamboo screening. Pigmented neat cement finished floors, colorful framed walls, customized furniture are built on site using local materials to reduce the cost.
The classrooms are placed in north-south orientation so that they get cross ventilation. This ensure comfortable environment even during the scorching heat of summer. Roof and perforated screen of the classrooms are designed in traditional way to ensure plenty of light and air circulation in classrooms.
In rural Bangladesh, it is very common to have a mosque in school complex. A mosque is designed at the west of the site as per client’s demand. The school along with the playground and the mosque work as an active social platform.

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