Renovation of Wuzhen North Silk Factory/ ZheJiang Province, China

First Place

Old and New

Renovation of Wuzhen North Silk Factory
ZheJiang Province, China

Qiang Chen – Na Fu – Jianru Chen – Jade Zheng
Year: 2016
Firm: DCA
Firm Location: China
Team Members: Consultants: Xi Huang-Leading Structure Engineer, Ningcheng Yang-Leading
Curtain Wall Designer

As the primary exhibition site of the Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition, the North Silk Factory was created after the renovation of an abandoned 1970s factory. The main design concept is to preserve as much as possible the old factory’s appearance and spatial quality yet insert the new program and space surgically. The exterior of the factory remained largely unchanged; a functional transformation was realized through internal renovations, which is an important way to create contemporary art spaces or creative cultural spaces.
Structure reinforcement and roof refurbishment were generally taken in the reconstruction. Landscape design wise, almost all existing trees are reserved to create the dialogue with the buildings.













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