Girls’ Hostel at The Mann School

Architect and Interior Designer: Envisage

Based in New Delhi, India. The firm was formed by two partners, Meena Murthy Kakkar and Vishal Kakkar who believe in visualizing and creating dream spaces for people.

institutional project- Girls Hostel for Mann School, situated in Alipur, New Delhi.

The idea for the White Flower Hall (Girls Hostel), Mann School was to create a safe haven for the girls with all the necessary functional requirements and a multitude of public spaces. The hostel is planned to overlook a central courtyard, with dormitories facing the corridors to ensure a lively and interactive environment.

It carries on the legacy of the school ethos with openness and continuity as part of the design intent. The campus’ existing colour scheme of red and grey is maintained while brick is used as a critical design element on the facades to help the new building blend cohesively within its surroundings.

The dormitories are designed to ensure optimal ingress of daylight and ventilation with windows along the custom-designed bunk beds, allowing each child with a view to the outside.

Driven by sustainability, solar panels are installed on the terrace of the building. The central courtyard is precisely aligned in the North West – South East direction, to catch the southwesterly winds during the monsoon, thus ensuring ventilation throughout the building. Mud phuska (compacted soil with hay) is used for thermal insulation to reduce the ingress of heat by almost 70%. Additionally, bricks used on-site have been procured from local kilns to reduce the carbon footprint.

Overall, the vision for the design for the Girls’ Hostel at The Mann School centres on the importance of providing facilities to promote learning and all-round development at a home-away-from-home.









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