Editorial 43

Ahmad Zohadi

Editor in Chief and Head of Organizing Committee of 2ACAA

2A Magazine as organizer of 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia & Europe hopes to achieve a broader goal. Which is bringing architects who are also creative artists together and ideas, a forum for all architects around the Globe to expand and enrich their vision about architecture, sharing ideas from various origins, contextual analysis and studies in the continents,
friendship, disseminate the wave of unity, unique global global opportunity for professional interaction and etc.

2A magazine’s activities also are not limited to merely publishing architectural contents , or hold awards , The 2A ‘s activities such as organizing Annual architectural award are in fact shaping and creating a new transformative trend which would help the art of architecture to flourish and be presented multi-dimension-ally by expanding interactions, and helping architects to expand their horizons to become more creative and professionally aware of multiple aspects of this amazing art and profession.
2ACAA will be a landmark and turning point allowing practitioners to pause and reflect upon what the continents, as a part of global community have achieved in the field of Architecture which is an art and a profession and plays a multi- dimensional role in any society. its function and responsibility is not merely to create beautiful living spaces, it has to reflect and respond to the social, cultural and economical needs nd challenges of that society, country, region and continent.

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