Artists Retreat, Pittugala/ Palinda Kannangara

Artists Retreat, Pittugala
Nominated to win 2A Asia Architecture Awards (2ACAA 2018)
Location: Sri Lanka
Architect: Palinda Kannangara
Client : JC Ratnayake
Design year: 2015
Year Built: Aug 2017
Situated on a 3700sqft sloped site, fringing paddy fields and busy southern expressway, in Pittugala a suburb of Colombo (Sri Lanka). This retreat space is the residence, work space and personal gallery space of Sri Lankan artist couple JC Ratnayake and his printmaker wife Tanuja. The clients self-managed the project, that was built with a local Bass (workman) & hand built several items to save on cost, making the process of building the house and gardens a personal and collaborative one.From the road and fortress like exterior, the openness and gardens to be encountered within is imperceptible. The built plan is split level working with the terrain and offering views of different garden spaces. The entire ground floor has a feeling of garden pavilions, roofed but open to the natural environment, that act as the work and gallery space of the artists (without doors/ windows). While the upper floor is the more private and secure spaces of the residence comprising of three bedrooms and 20X 20 feet rooftop lily pond that functions as a meditative space for the couple. Courtyards transect the living, dining/studio pavilions; offer the perception of living and a feeling of working outdoors.

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