2A, specialized and well- known architectural magazines could be a sensitive and effective media element which can reflect an actual image of architecture by focusing on different regional architecture and promote and re- introduce the importance and necessity of considering innovative architecture of various regions by publishing articles in the Magazine and other ways such as 2A Awards.

2A Magazine and its activities helps in bridging social capital. They are a platform that acts as a bridge between individuals, organizations, communities, and groups that belong to the Architecture Arena, however, they contribute from different cultural paradigms and promote cohesion, trust, and inclusion in the various aspects of the Architecture world.


The 2A Magazine is being printed with the following technical specifications:

Cover weight: 300 g

(glassy with gloss lamination )

Paper weight: 120 g

glossy Circulation: 3,500 copies

(with 3x pass-along rate)

Mechanical requirement Art work

All advertisement should be sent to 2A Magazine via email and should be formatted into PDF files including all necessary font and images.

(Size of the file should be between 4 Mb to 10 Mb)


To send the materials:

All advertisement materials must be received by 2A magazine by the specified deadlines. Materials must be emailed to 2A Magazine

Invoices and Media Booking Orders should also be addressed to the same address.

To receive any further information about placing an advertisement in 2A Magazine, please contact us by sending an email to:
or Call +971 58 527 3040 and Whatsapp Call +1 647 271 1071

2A Magazine – Advertisements’ Fees


Terms and conditions:

– The publisher reserves the right to accept or decline advertisement material.

– Advertisement are only accepted on the condition that the advertiser warrants that the advertisement does not in any way contravene any applicable law or regulation and is not illegal or defamatory.

Frequency discounts are given only on the understanding that the entire series appears. Failure to complete the series renders the advertiser liable to pay the full advertisement rate for all advertisement published. Frequency discounts must be discussed directly with the Publisher or advertising consultant.


Cancellation must be received by 2A Magazine (in writing) no less than 10 days prior to the insertion without penalties to advertisers or their agents. The publisher reserves the right to charge the advertiser or their agent the full rate card cost of advertisements cancelled at less than 10 days notice prior to the scheduled publication date.

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