Academic and Cultural Center of San Pablo/ Taller | Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo |

Academic and Cultural Center of San Pablo

Location: Mexico

Second Place 2A North America Architecture Award (2ACAA 2019)

Architect: Taller | Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo |

Category: Old & New

Unfortunately, the resulting area was insufficient to give the building the cultural features with which it was conceived, and which have been the engine for the rescue of this property. Therefore, it was necessary to place a light and reversible metal structure on the east side of the project, which refers to the ephemeral nature of a scaffold and also commemorates the old bay of cells lost at the opening of Fiallo street.

This contemporary element creates a useful space with an area of almost 700m2 divided into 3 levels. This meets the area required for the operation of a specialized library and an exhibition area that should be in a controlled climate, protected from the weather.

For this reason, this space is divided into two areas: a reading room, located within the intervention, in direct relationship to the courtyard of the cloister, protected from the elements by a glass facade always in shade due to a mobile roof.

And archive areas, who concentrated on the east side, taking advantage of the massive condition of the convent. We seek to accommodate most of the archive material directly on the wall to avoid unnecessary weight on the structure of the building, and also to protect it from the light.

To the outside, and in what was formerly a public parking, we recovered the churchyard demolishing all recent additions, which can be accessed from two alleys reopened in their original dimensions. This historically open space at the heart of the city block, a typology foreign to a city like Oaxaca, now acts as a meeting and distribution point to the various buildings that are part of the project.

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