For The People-By The People, Bangladesh (25/01/2017)

Second Place in 2A Asia Architecture Award - Istanbul 2015 - Category: Public
For The People-By The People
Rajarhat, Bangladesh

Gerrit Schilder, Hill Scholte
Year: 2014
Firm: SchilderScholte architects
Firm Location: Netherlands
Design Team: Gerrit Schilder, Hill Scholte / SchilderScholte architects

The starting point for this community centre was to realize a building using materials and skills from within a 25 km radius. The drive was to encourage locals to become aware on the basic principles of sustainability and biomimicry. The floor plan consists of three volumes that houses classrooms, public lavatories and a workshop with store. The lifting of the roof, with a large bamboo structure, has achieved a considerable reduction of heat build up within the spaces. Further cooling is provided by cross ventilation, surrounding vegetation and nearby ponds. Specific colours are applied to repel mosquitoes and flies. This striking design proves that conventional local resources and materials can be used to build a successful environmentally friendly building.