East Village, Lebanon (07/01/2017)

First Place in 2A Asia Architecture Award - Istanbul 2015 - Category: Residential
East Village
Rmeil, Beirut, Lebanon

Jean-Marc Bonfils
Year: 2015
Firm: JM Bonfils & Associates
Firm Location: Lebanon
Design Team: Jean-Marc Bonfils, Marwan Matta, Ramzi Sabbagh, Lea Ksayer

"A Mirror in Concept"
The concept consisted in lifting key contextual elements–traditional building material and Lebanese gardens –and revives them with contemporary interpretations. So conventional wood and dark stone found an unexpected contrast in vivid red metal, and space-efficient vertical gardens replaced their horizontal predecessors. While it looks like a simple geometric shape from afar, the structure consists of three parallel slices each with a unique identity that’s revealed on approach.
East Village includes 13 loft units: 10 duplexes, two penthouses and one simplex, its balcony framed by red metal. On the simplex’s terrace is a private bar that overlooks the pubs and lounges scattered through Downtown, exposing a panoramic view of the city.