Remembering and Paying respect to Kazuhiro Kojima at the ceremony of 2AAA 2016, Vienna (18/12/2016)

Nasrin Seraji (Head of the Jury Members and Lecturer of the Award Ceremony):

This is difficult but it is something that is a reality of our lives.
An architect who got one of the prizes and which is a very good architect and also an incredible teacher and fantastic person, unfortunately left us due to Cancer just two days ago.
He receives a price with his partner, which he very much deserves.
I would like to ask all before we start the prize announcement to pay respect to Kazuhiro Kojima who was a good friend, very good architect and a brilliant teacher by one minute of silence.
Thank you all from his wife who wrote to me and appreciated the fact that we are remembering him.

Uto Elementary School
First Place in Public Category 2AAA 2016

lead architect: Kazuhiro Kojima and Kazuko Akamatsu

team members: Masato Araya, Structural Design office Oak, Structural design engineer.

Photos: CAt and Sadao Hotta, photographer, Sadao Hotta photography.

Rather than over-determining the organization of the school, we aspired to design an accommodating and liberating space amongst the trees in a forest to nurture a healthy environment. Louis Kahn famously said that, “School began with a man under the tree, who did not know he was a teacher, discussing his realization with a few who did not know they were students.” In our project, we thought of this tree as the L-shaped wall. Each classroom would be structured by the placement of these walls, which would be distributed as ‘arbitrarily’ as possible while achieving the necessary spaces of the school. The seamless appearance of trees and walls makes possible the wide variety of activities of the school.