2A Asia Architecture Award - Vienna 2016, Nominated Projects (20/11/2016)

Winners of the 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016- Vienna were announced on October 17, 2016

2A magazine is pleased to announce the final winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016 (2AAA 2016). Under the organization of 2A magazine - Ahmad Zohadi (CEO of 2A magazine and chief organizer of the award) and Golmar Mina Khatibi (member of organizing committee of 2AAA 2016). The 2016 jury, Wolfgang Tschapeller, Murat Tabanlıoğlu, Nasrin Seraji, Françoise Fromonot and Hiromi Hosoya decided on the winners for each category in a jury panel took place in Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

This year’s 2AAA took place in two stages. The First Stage Entry started at July 1, and with extension days, closed on August 3, 2016.

The response to the Call for the submission was very strong. Out of 400 submitted projects in seven categories, around 358 projects have been met the award submission standard in the first stage.

During August 2016, the entries from 7 categories, have been reviewed and assessed by Jury and with respect to the award main goal which is defined as:

To identify essences of Architecture in Asia and to glorify the importance of social and cultural identity and significance of spirituality along with physical aspects of architecture.

The competition sought to award individuals or teams that have demonstrated the closest idea/architecture to the main award goal with respect to defined Judging Criteria, as follows:

Design Achievement
Contextual Analysis and Studies
Technical Advancement
Innovative Use of Material
Reflection of Sense of Place and Ecology (Environmental Sustainability)
Reflection of Cultural Identity
Social Responsibility and Community and Urban Connectivity
Effects of Economical Condition
160 projects received the accepted score in 7 categories and invited to submit final boards for the second stage judgment and the exhibition. At second stage, short listed printed boards were presented in and discussed by the jury board on October 15, 2016 in Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

At the second stage judgment, based on the award criteria each jury selected three projects from each category, and jury members discussed their defends for their selections. The total number of 39 projects out of 160, were selected at this process.

The final stage judgment done by voting to the projects, and based on the numbers of votes had been received, three projects were recognized as first, second and third places respectively. Also in categories of public & old and new two projects selected as special acknowledgment.

Finally 23 projects were selected as winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016, and awarded at the ceremony.

2A Asia Architecture Award Ceremony:

With presence of many architects of nominated projects, jury members, organizing committee and some well-know international architects, Category winners were announced and awarded publically at the award ceremony on Monday October 17, 2016 at Bene GmbH, Vienna.

The nominated projects exhibition have been also launched officially at the same day and continued till October 22, 2016 at the venue.

A short clip of projects’ winners:


1- “The Mahoor Bazaar Adjacent to Saint Mary’s Church” designed by Ehsan Hosseini & Elham Geramizadeh, project Location Iran – First Place
Ahmad Zohadi

2- “Hai D3” designed by Wael Al Awar, project Location UAE – Second Place


Old and New (Reuse and adaptation, Renovation, Restoration, Regeneration)

3- “Renovation of Wuzhen North Silk Factory” designed by DCA - Qiang Chen, project Location China – First Place

4- “Xi'an Dahua Cotton Mill Renovation” designed by Cui kai + Wang Ke Yao / Aurelien Chen / Zhang Ru Bing , project Location China – Second Place

5- “Renovation and restoration project of Imam Ali (Antique) square and Jaameh” designed by NJP Co. / Hamid Mirmiran, project Location Iran - Special Acknowledgement

Public (Sport & Leisure, Education, Hospitality, Culture, Mixed Use, Health, Religion, Civic, Transportation)

6- “Uto Elementary School” designed by Kazuhiro Kojima & Kazuko Akamatsu, project Location Japan – First Place

7- “Re-ainbow” designed by Doan Thanh Ha & Tran Ngoc Phuong, project Location Vietnam – Second Place

8- “Jetavan” designed by Sameep Padora, project Location India – Third Place

9- “Dalian International Conference Center” designed by Wolf D. Prix, project Location China – Special Acknowledgement

Residential (Villa)

10- “Studio Dwelling at Rajagiriya” designed by Palinda Kannangara, project Location Sri Lanka – First Place

11- “With 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and the Jungle” designed by Osamu MORISHITA, project Location Japan – Second Place

12- “Mehrshahr Villa” designed by Hooman Balazadeh, project Location Iran – Third Place

Residential (Apartment)

13- “Saba Apartment” designed by Reza Sayadian & Sara Kalantary, project Location Iran – First Place

14- “Q10 House” designed by Studio8 - Pham Xuan Nghia, project Location Vietnam – Second Place

15- “jey shir” designed by Hamed Moradi Aleshtar, project Location Iran – Third Place

Urban Projects, Rural Projects, Landscape & Public Spaces (Including squares and streets)

16- “Umbrellas by the River” designed by Nishant Lall, project Location India – Common First Place

17- “BIRKHA BAWARI, a 21st century subterranean sandstone STEP-WELL for harvesting rainwater” designed by A. Mridul, Archiect - Anu Mridul, project Location India – Common First Place

18- “WASIT VISITOR CENTRE” designed by Ahmed Al Ali, project Location UAE – Common First Place

Interior Architecture

19- “This is not a Cafe!” desgned by Sanaz Ghaemmaghami & Mojtaba M.Zaheri, project Location Iran – Common Second Place

20- “Parsin dental clinic” desgned by Moein Jalali, project Location Iran – Common Second Place

21- “Parsmilan” desgned by Babak Toosipour & Babak Nasirabadi, project Location Iran – Common Second Place

22- “REMAPPING READING REALM” desgned by Chu Yang Keng , project Location Singapore – Common Second Place

Future Projects / Innovative Designs :

23-  “IMPI Office Building” designed by Mohammad Khavarian, project Location Iran – Common Second Place

24-  “Mosque of the Light” designed by Nick Karintzaidis, project Location UAE – Common Second Place

25- “The Arts and Culture Square” designed by Studio Lawrence Kim, Pusan National University - Lawrence Kim , project Location South Korea – Common Second Place