SinoRec Campus, China (27/02/2017)

Architect: Super 3 Studio - Published in 2A Magazine, Edition 38 / Winter 2017

SinoRec Campus

Zhuhai, China

Architect: Super 3 Studio

Studio Director: Jack Bouvrie

A campus dedicated to research and development in robotics manufacturing; locat- ed adjacent a large robotics manufacturing facility.
The project consist of a mix of for- sale office condominiums, supporting retail, a hotel, and a general supporting tall office building. The tall- 14 story of- fice building will house facilities such as plug-and-play offices, meeting rooms, an exhibition space, cafeteria, and serviced apartments.

The site plan is based on the cloverleaf for luck and prosperity; the tall buildings’ massing relates to the undulations of surrounding hills. Cloverleaf buildings are interconnected with bridges to create an alternative raised landscape.

The cloverleaf motif and bridges demonstrate the interconnectivity between sci- ence and production. People pursuing different research, studies, or businesses will have opportunities for chance meetings.

The entire campus is set in an informal organic landscape, using indigenous plant species and designed to encourage outdoor meetings, relaxation, and outdoor lunching. Wherever people gather outdoors, it will be an immersive experience, a subconscious connection with Zhuhai’s ecology.