2A International Architectural Movie Festival, Barcelona 2018

Throughout years, great directors have used architecture as a strong tool of expression in their movies and “objet d’art”. Shadows, angles and perspectives can bring these manmade corpses into life and make a lasting work of art. On the other hand, Creation of professional Architectural movies and short movies can provide a tool for the architects to present their projects and designs in a more inclusive and complete way. A movie can illustrate and show the building process of any project from the very beginning stage to the final completion. This can clearly express the effort, precision, expertise and the professional architectural details and knowledge that was utilized during the building process. Furthermore by using music, subtitles, moving images, and other film-making techniques, the project can be presented in a more attractive way, because it excites the senses and minds of the viewers simultaneously . The overlap of these two forms of art has a great potential for creation and development.

Hence, 2A Magazine is proud to announce the organization of "International Architectural Movie Festival" in two subjects:

1- Architectural Movie Award:
-Movies between 5 to 15 minutes in length
-Movies between 15 to 45 minutes in length
-Movies between 45 to 90 minutes in length
(Each classification will be judged separately)


A storyline with an emphasis on a compelling work of architecture with social, cultural, economical, humanitarian and geographical sphere of influence.

2- Short Architectural Movie Award [documentary, length: 100 seconds] in two different sections:
A) Built Projects, Completion date must be after 01/Jan/2010 (Film only)
B) Concept Project (3D Presentation- Animation)


- Residential - Housing, Apartment
- Offices (Buildings & Unites)
- Retail (Shopping Center & Shops)
- Cultural (Library, Amphitheater, Cinema, Gallery, Museum, Religious buildings [Church, Mosque, Temple], Exhibition Centre)
- Hotel / Resort
- Infrastructure (Urban Space, Roads & Transport)
- Landscape(Garden, Park & Green Space)
- Health (Hospital, Clinic, Community Health Center & Nursing Homes)
- Industrial (Factories, Workshop, Studio, Warehouses)

In total 30 movies will be selected, presented and awarded among all the above categories on the final day of ceremony. (10 movies in each short architectural movie award section(20 movies) and 10 movies in architectural movie award.)

Note: If the owner/designer/group of designers like to participate in the award, must register under the name of project's architect.

The 2A International Architectural Movie Festival (IAMF) will be an annual event to celebrate the architecture and cinema as the world architectural community is entering a new phase and faces greater challenges.

Judging Criteria:

1- Architectural Significance: (%65)
Quality, Creativity, Innovation and Originality of:

- Diversity of Design Ideologies and Methodologies
- Cultural diversity - definition
- Contextual Analysis
- Conceptualization and design
- Advanced Technologies
- New Social Sensitive
- Sense of place and ecology
- Relationship between architecture and movie industry (Architect and Director)
- Create multi layers unity: intellectual, cultural, humanistic and spiritual.

2- Movie Significance: technical & aesthetics aspects and the Quality of the movie (%35)
Quality, Creativity and Originality of:

-Visual Creativity
-Music, Sound Design and Soundtrack
-Composition Skills
Note: additional features will be noted for animated and documentary movies.


- Applicants will have to register for each category they enter.
- Each applicant can register more than once in each category.
-Registration for Short Movie Award can be done online and registration for Movie Award can be done by email [The email address: Movie@2amagazine.com]
-Enrollment fee for Short Architectural Movie Award is 65 EUR and for Architectural Movie Award is 75 EUR.

Entry Date and Time: The entry opens at May 21st 2018 and closes at May 30th 2018

Entry Eligibility:

- This competition is open to anyone, in particular, Architects and Directors.
- All entries and the content of them must be original and must be authored by one individual/group.

NNote: English is the official language of this competition.


-The top ten movies in each section of Short Architectural Movie Award and top ten movies of Architectural Movie Award will receive honorary medals and certificates in the award ceremony.
-All top ten of each category will be displayed separately in the day of award ceremony.
-The Report of the award ceremony will be published in 2A Magazine and other platforms.
-All top ten movies and short movies in each category will be published in 2A Magazine website.