2A Asia Architecture Award

2A magazine has been actively involved in introduction and promotion of architects and their projects around various parts of Asia. However, through this event, 2A magazine is aiming to create a broader forum for Asian architects to interact, share and compete in a totally friendly but professional manner. Asia which is the largest continent with ancient, diverse, regionally specific and unique cultural heritage, can be considered as the richest source for architectural projects for both traditional and modern styles. Despite this significance, Asia had not received its deserved attention that is why 2A, as an Asian International magazine decided to help to divert the attention of the world architects toward Asia, and promote Asian architects and their projects.
" 2A Asia Architecture Award " which is intended to act as an architectural foundation in Asia will present:
Theoretical visions in terms of culture, political views, economy, history, customs and other social factors, Ideas from various origins, Conceptualizations, The artistic and aesthetic criteria, Sustainable architecture, Modern Life and Technology.