Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

20th October 2017- Estrel Berlin

 The award ceremony began with speeches from Ralf Niebergall, vice-president of federal chamber of German architects, and Ahmad Zohadi, Editor of 2A magazine and head of organizing committee of 2ACAA, afterwards the winners have been announced and their prizes has been presented to them on stage.

Ralf Niebergall

Vice-President of Federal Chamber of

German Architects


It is of course a great honor and pleasure for me to be able to give welcome speech to mark the occasion of the award ceremony of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards Asia and Europe 2017. Afterall your motto, uniting together through architecture gives  really full expression to the aim that we as the Federal Chamber of the German Architects have been pursuing for many years with our network of architectural exchange called NAX. This network supports German architects and their aspiration to go abroad and also finds partnerships for foreign colleagues who are hoping to make their first raise into our markets. Globalization of course is not a new phenomenon in planning a construction, as NAX we understood very early that criticism which may accompany this globalization when it leads into a distinguishable mash of faceless architecture, the ignorance of social and cultural peculiarities, the obliteration of individual physiognomy of cities and buildings and we talked about this earlier this day already and the loss of regional identity.

This is why dialogue and learning to understand are particularly important to us. When we travel abroad with our members and partners, small and large architectural practices and pioneering technology firms and we are delighted to engage in mutually fruitful dialogue on issues that effect us all. At first glance, the problems we have to tackle as architects and urban planners appear to be the same all over the world. The unbearable growth of cities, social segregation of cities and the isolation of rural areas, the challenges of climate change, society tensions brought about by demographic upheavals and migration, the advantages and disadvantages of digitalization, but the simple fact is that the answers we need to find to these challenges are by no means the same across the world, which is why as the organizer, it was a wonderful idea of yours to hold the competition for 2A continental Architectural Award in two continents at the same time. This both reveals differences in approach to these challenges and highlights the shared values that define high quality architecture, unity and diversity and we are  expanding the horizons of architectural discourse, it is rare  in Europe for thoughts on transcendency in architectural creation to be at the matter of cause as they are in Asia continent. Nader Ardalan gave an impressive on this very subject earlier today, nevertheless even the Germanarchitects who are often deemed to be pragmatist are convinced that the idea of using technical solutions alone to satisfy the imperatives of sustainability and resilience in contemporary architecture fall someway short of the mark even though the tendency at least in Europe to do o is unmistakable, it is our task as architects to determine the future direction with our holistic vision. We don’t feel at ease in building simply because they are zero energy houses, it is inspiring spaces and poetry of the light that penetrates them and the pleasant feeling of trailing a hand over carefully joined materials that brings us to appreciate architecture and to call a place, our home. Smart city might offer optimized low emmition  transport systems and an intelligent energy management both of which are already mandatory when it comes to assuring future viability, but a city is only really smart when it serves  at the same time, first and foremost to guarantee the  welfare and peaceful coexistence of its citizens and those citizens are involved in design of their city, a design which grows from its cultural roots which rises out of a highdenses of what kind of disposition promotes social cohesion and which architecture is breading ground for a creative atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged freely, only then architecture can also give rise to a sense of identity and future. We are proud that you have this year chosen  berlin as the venue for this conference and award ceremony, a city that is anything but perfect, a city where urban development is the subject of heated debate and controversy, a city where conflicting interest  also remains visible as fractures in the varied city escape itself. You see it in the surrounding, especially here.  But maybe it’s this varying completeness, this melting part of cultures which is attracting so many of the creative people of the world to Berlin, because it is here one has the feeling that one can bring individual life plans to fruition and encounter an atmosphere of tolerance and inspiration, I hope you also feel at ease here with us. 2A Continental Architectural Awards presented to mark outstanding works of fellow architects who take huge responsibility that goes with our profession very seriously, the responsibility to exercise caution in the ongoing changes of our cities, to focus on the people who live in them and to maintain awareness of the crisis of our planet, and who achieves all of this with the kind of architectural quality that really enriches our lives. With this in mind, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of you who will receive an award or honorable mention, I would like to thank the juries for the careful selection of what might serve as a the examples of responsible architecture on the two different continents, and I offer my warm thanks to those organizers and supporters without whose commitment and passion  this prize would not exist, thank you very much for your  attention.


Ahmad Zohadi Head of Organizing Committee of 2ACAA


Once again I would like to welcome you all. We truly appreciate your attendance and participation. Our hope and mission has always been “uniting together through architecture. “ And I certainly believe that 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia and Europe will be a positive and effective way to achieve this unique and significant goal.

As organizer, I would like to share with you the judgment criteria for this award. The honorable jury members have assessed the projects based on the following criteria:


-Design Achievement including Concept, Strategy and Proceedings.

-Technical advancement includes engineering


achievements and innovative use of materials.

-Reflection of sense of place and cultural identity, ecology, environmental sustainability.

-Social responsibility, community and urban connectivity.

-The effects of economical condition on the project.

-Transcendent Dimensions of Architecture


of course, selecting some outstanding architectural projects is not our only purpose, 2A Magazine main intention was to create a opportunity by providing a forum where all these creative and innovative ideas can come together side by side and as a result lead to the positive and progressive transformation of global architecture. And more importantly to help us unite together as a humanity through architecture.

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