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2A Continental Architectural Awards 2017



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Issue NO.40
(Summer 2017)

Chapter 1 :
2A Continental Architectural Award for Asia and Europe, Berlin 2017- A Fantastic Forum to Bring International Architects together
Contemporary Architecture Iconic Landmark [part 1]

Issue NO.39
(Spring 2017)

Theme: Special Edition of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016

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A Report of International Conference of 2A Continental Architectural Award for Asia and Europe

2A Magazine is pleased to report a conference and discussion panel which have taken place on October 20th 2017, in Berlin. The Conference was a professional platform to share and discuss innovative Architecture in Asia and Europe continents. This gathering was a room to talk about new directions and order in both continents. It has also been a unique opportunity to both academics academics and practitioners to share their vision, information, ideas and experiences relating to contemporary architecture in Asia and Europe.

S.D.M. Institute of management development, Mysore

“We would like our management institute to be rooted in Indian values and not be a copy of the typical western model”, spoke Shri Heggadeji (the president of Shri Dharamsthala Manjunatheshwara Trust) about his vision for this institute’s 13-acre campus in Mysore.

2A Movie Series of International Architectural Interviews (By International Architects)

Part 1: 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017 Theme: Innovative Architecture in Asia

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia & Europe Winners announced in October 20th,2017- Berlin

The report of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017: 2A magazine is pleased to announce the final winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017. Under the organization of 2A magazine and presence of Ahmad Zohadi (head of organizing committee of the award) The 2017 jury, Nader Ardalan, , Waro Kishi, Shirish Beri decided on the winners for each category in a jury panel took place Beuth Technical University Berlin.